5 August 2020

My two-part Zoom talk “Rebinding The Birds of America in the Royal Collection” hosted by the National Library of Scotland in July, was recorded and the videos are available here.

Subtitles have been added automatically and are a little odd in places but don’t detract from understanding. However, the howler in Part Two where I inexplicably refer to a mythical Volume V instead of Volume IV is entirely my fault!


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3 August 2020

We recently held a trial Dragon Press Bindery online practical workshop for some brave volunteers in order to get to grips with the logistics of this way of teaching. It was on the Edelpappband structure and took place over four three-hour sessions via Zoom. Students were sent a materials kit ahead of time, along with advisement of tools and equipment needed. Here are some of their wonderful final results (by kind permission) and a shot of our hosting set-up.

The workshop’s success has hugely encouraged us to pursue this avenue. We learned a great deal about the practicalities and are now confident we can achieve high quality online tuition. While nothing can fully replace the value of in-person classes, it is clear that going online opens up many complementary opportunities and enables much wider participation, for example from those unable to afford the travel and accommodation costs to attend training.

Our model is of fully hands-on, live workshops for small groups of up to six participants: sessions interspersing live demonstrations, slideshows and videos with remotely supervised working as well as question-and-answer periods; the limited numbers permitting relaxed and fruitful group interaction. Full tutor notes provided electronically during the workshop.

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